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Portable ultrasonic flowmeter

Portable ultrasonic flowmeter

Portable ultrasonic flowmeter is measuring instrument from outside the pipe fluid flow within the pipeline, Dalian Suo Nika Instrument Co., Ltd. is the best portable ultrasonic flowmeter manufacturer with many years of practical experience in the production of ultrasonic flowmeter, portable ultrasonic flowmeter section absorption, assimilation of advanced technology at home and abroad ultrasonic flowmeter, aiming at the world advanced level design and development of portable ultrasonic flowmeter, ultrasonic flowmeter we have advanced production equipment and testing equipment, pipe wall as long as the detector installed in the installation folder on, you do not need to cut pipe or stop flow. Therefore, there is no general flowmeter flange must, there was no media leaks, pressure loss and other issues. Fluid to be measured can be uniform liquid, conductive or non-conductive water, sea water, oil, slurry and the like, corrosive or non-corrosive liquids can be measured.

[Portable ultrasonic flowmeter brief description]
. easy to measure, ready to print data.
. machine comes with rechargeable power supply, easy to carry for outdoor use.
. portable ultrasonic flowmeter power-down protection, online self-diagnostic function.
. measurement accuracy, eliminates the effect of ambient temperature on the measured value from the algorithm.
. full Chinese or in English display, 2 × 20 dot matrix liquid crystal display
. Non-contact flow measurement mode, small size, easy to carry
. Flexible user interface, easy to use
. Smart printing features ensure the integrity of the data flow
. Optional S, M, L-type sensor, the caliber DN15 ~ 6000 optional

[Portable ultrasonic flowmeter performance characteristics]
Measurement of liquid: a single fluid water, sea water and alkali, turbidity is less than 10000ppm, particle size less than 1mm
Pipe materials: steel, cast iron, PVC pipes and other ultrasound to penetrate the full pipe, dense texture, no serious corrosion and scaling, allowing
Xu mass density thin lining
Pipe lining material: rubber, epoxy asphalt, glass, steel, mortar, with or without lining Diameter range: DN15mm ~ 6000mm
Flow rate range: -32m / s ~ 0 ~ + 32m / s, bi-directional flow
Accuracy: ± 1.0% displayed value (under standard conditions).
Portable ultrasonic flowmeter linearity: 0.5%.
Straight pipe length: upstream> 10D, downstream> 5D (D: diameter)
Display: Two-line by 20-character liquid crystal display
Ambient temperature / humidity: Host -20 ℃ ~ + 50 ℃; sensor -20 ℃ ~ + 160 ℃, the sensor can work flooding, water depth less than 2m

[Other portable ultrasonic flowmeter]

Dot matrix printer, a backpack or carrying portable, lithium battery built-in memory