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Wall plug-in ultrasonic flowmeter

Wall-Mount Ultrasonic Transit-Time Flowmeter:   The FV2000 Ultrasonic flowmeter General Purpose Wall-Mount Clamp-on Ultrasonic Flowmeter is the first member of the 7rd generation ultrasonic flowmeters from sonic meter. Compared with the predecessors, the 7rd generation ultrasonic flowmeters offer better performances and a richer feature set, all at a lower price. The FV2000 Ultrasonic flowmeter is designed to be installed at a fixed location for long-term flow measurement from outside of a pipe that carries pure liquids and liquids with minor suspended particles. It utilizes cutting-edge technologies such as advanced transducer design, low voltage transmission, digital signal processing, and self adaptation to achieve high performance. As QUALITY is of crucial importance, all transducers are carefully paired, and all flowmeters are wet-calibrated in the factory to further ensure system accuracy and reliability. FV2000 Ultrasonic flowmeter provides versatile input/output interfaces, such as digital and relay outputs, batch control, alarm, flow totalizing, 4-20mA output, and optional RTD interface for thermal energy measurement, which can be easily used by a host computer or a flow controller for process monitoring and control. Besides, the isolated built-in RS-485 port and the optional GPRS/GSM module make remote flow monitoring easy and reliable. Due to the non-intrusive nature of the clamp-on technology, there is no pressure drop, no moving parts, no leaks, no risk of contamination, no risk of corrosion, no pressure dependency and no blockage on the flow. The installation is very simple and requires no special skills or tools. The cost of installation, operation, and maintenance is lower than that of conventional flowmeters. FV2000 Ultrasonic flowmeter is an ideal choice for demanding applications where low-cost, high-performance and non-intrusiveness are a must. A pplications include, but are not limited to, liquid process control, water flow measurement (hot/chill water, city water, sea wat beverages, and many other liquids.

[Ultrasonic flowmeter Features]
High accuracy: ±1% normally; ±0.5% when on-site calibration available
Wide pipe size range (from 1" to 240")
Non-intrusive. No pipe disturbance. No moving parts. No pressure drop.
Easy and economical installation. No pipe cutting or hole drilling.
Easy to use and set up. Self-explanatory menu programming
Velocity, volumetric and totalized flow
IP65 weather-proof enclosure
4-20mA output, OCT digital output, relay output, batch control, alarm control
Isolated RS485 interface, MODBUS compatible
Optional GPRS / GSM networking module
No maintenance
Low power consumption. Less than 1 W
Ideal for both clean and opaque liquid flows

[Plug-in sensor working environment]

  • Suitable for the pipeline can be directly welded, like carbon steel and stainless.
  • Pipeline thickness: 20mm
  • Measuring range: DN80~DN6000
  • Temperature: -30~160

  • Plug-in sensor